5531 E. 37th St. N.
Wichita, KS 67220
Office Number: 316.686.0208


  • We have a blended service! Expect some traditional songs AND contemporary songs too!
  • There’s no dress code; shorts or suits, come as you wish.
  • Communion every Sunday!


         Ours is a story of two churches. in 1993, Pastor Jim Rackham met with a small group of Christians who were excited about starting a new church. Cornerstone Christian Church was organized and began meeting at Terradyne Country Club in Andover, Kansas. They soon outgrew the restaurant in the clubhouse and moved to the Terradyne Office Park. As they continued to grow, they found themselves without adequate classrooms and began looking for land to build on.
         At the same time, Town and Country Christian Church, a congregation that had chartered in 1965 in North Wichita, had fallen on hard times. With few members, an aging building, and a partially finished new expansion, the small group of faithful Christians that remained were struggling.
        The two groups met, and a merger was discussed. After much prayer, the churches felt led to join together under the Cornerstone Christian Church name.
        Cornerstone is a non-denominational, independent, autonomous congregation and has prospered as a faithful light on the North side of Wichita since 1994. Many have been saved, disciples have been taught, missionaries sent, and the Gospel has been faithfully proclaimed.
        Our future is bright. Our continued growth has brought multiple services, additional staff, and is once again pressing our expanded facilities. Our focus remains on Christ and His glory is our chief pursuit. We are embracing with faith on the path ahead.


  • Jim Rackham; Senior Pastor, Elder – jim@cornerstoneict.church
  • Katie Agard; Children’s Ministry – katie@cornerstoneict.church
  • Alex Fahnestock; Pastoral Assistant – secretary@cornerstoneict.church
  • Joy Adams; Custodian


  • Justin Bird- justinb@cornerstoneict.church
  • Harley Teel- harleyt@cornerstoneict.church
  • Jeff Oldenettel- jeffo@cornerstoneict.church
  • Doug Brehm- dougb@cornerstoneict.church
  • Kevin Warner- kevinw@cornerstoneict.church


  • Josh Adams
  • Gary Sprague
  • Clay Jones
  • Weston Warner
  • Matt Mosher
  • Jesse Tillman
  • TJ Jones
  • Mike Finnigan
  • Rick Smith
  • Chad Boyd
  • Eric Agard
  • Cody Vanderslice
  • Gary Young
  • Matt Bruner
  • Aaron Hoerst


  • Katie Agard- Sunday School K-2nd; Ignite
  • Don & Chris Astle- Sunday School 3rd-5th
  • Amanda Carey- Ignite; Awana
  • Zac Carey- Awana
  • Carla Jones- Ignite
  • Misty Marley- Nursery
  • Bonnie Mosher- Ignite
  • Jeff Oldenettel- Adult Sunday School
  • Kathy Poling- Ignite
  • Larry Pope- Adult Sunday School
  • Barbara Provine- Women’s Daytime Bible Study
  • Jill Rackham- Women’s Bible Study
  • Jim Rackham- Men’s Bible Study
  • Brian Stewart- Adult Sunday School